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 XShot leader : Rules

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PostSubject: XShot leader : Rules   Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:52 am

These rules must be followed in-game, and in these forums at ALL times (unless I say you can break some for CERTAIN reasons or occasions).

1.) NEVER swear to an admin or me.
2.) ALWAYS listen to an admin (admins can be ignored or his/her order can be belayed if I give a say so).
3.) ALWAYS work as a team.
4.) Be active (unless you are at school or have somewhere important to be).
5.) Stick to the plan/strategy assigned to you when you are in a game with another clan member/admin/me.
6.) DO NOT remove an admin if he is the last admin on your friend list (example : Bob is being mean to you all of a sudden and he and another person name Bill is an admin and is on your friend list. You CAN delete one of them, BUT you CANNOT delete the other since both of them were the only admins on your friends list.)
7.) Keep in touch with one another.
8.) NO swearing unless I give a say so (this prevents raging, raging will not be permitted unless I say you can for specific reasons, do so without my say so will result in you being kicked).
9.) Have fun at all times.

Good luck troops and happy killing!
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XShot leader : Rules
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